Callicroft Primary Academy

Strategic Implementation Improvement Plan

What is the Strategic Implementation Improvement Plan?

The Strategic Implementation Improvement Plan (SIIP) contains the targets the Olympus Academy Trust and Callicroft Primary Academy have set for the next year. The targets are set following an analysis of:

  • The previous years’ performance 
  • Any government/local authority initiatives 
  • Areas the school wishes to improve through consultation with parents, pupils, staff and the School Improvement Committee 
  • OFSTED action points from the previous inspection

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the education and life chances of the pupils in our care. We are always working on many different areas of improvement throughout the school year, but the SIIP focuses on the key priorities which would bring about measureable outcomes for our pupils.

Trust-wide areas for improvement are organised under 7 headings:

  1. Maths
  2. English
  3. Curriculum
  4. Pedagogy
  5. Vulnerable Learners
  6. Staff Induction
  7. Remote and Blended Learning

The Callicroft specific priorities in the SIIP are:

  • Maths - to improve pupils' agility, oracy and reasoning
  • English - reading (including phonics) and oracy
  • Pedagogy - following the Teach Like a Champion model
  • Improving staff well-being

Finally, areas from previous SIIPs that are being sustained and deepened are:

You can view the whole plan here.