Callicroft Primary Academy


Who are the Eco-council?

The Eco-council are a group of eco-warriors who have been chosen from each class and year group to come together and help make our school more environmentally friendly. 

What do the Eco-council do?

The Eco-council meets at least once a term to discuss what we think needs to be improved around the school and how we can achieve it. This can be any aspect of the school life or environment.

Together, they have come up with the Callicroft Primary Academy Eco-Code.

Current goals

The Eco-council has decided that we need to reduce energy use in our school. 

KS1 children help by reminding their class teachers to turn off the lights and interactive boards in their classroom when they're not being used.

KS2 children make sure that the interactive boards and lights are being turned off if they are not being used, or if the whole class is leaving the room. 

By doing this we are helping to reduce energy use in our school!